New models added plus it's Christmas! (well nearly!)

New models added plus it's Christmas! (well nearly!)

It's been a busy few weeks, half term disruption paused new models being added (thanks kids!) but we're back with a bang! Ten (yes T-E-N) new models have been added in the last two days!

The highlights are a brilliant Spider and Sloth (with tree to hang in!) from Dan Sopala at Flexi Factory. Plus our biggest model to date weighing in at nearly 300g, the stunning Python from MatMire Makes.

We're starting to add Christmas models too, you'll find some wonderful Gingerbread men that make me smile and a real, 100% accurate model of a Yeti aka The Abominable Snowman!!

In other news, traffic to the site is starting to build, we're learning a lot about Google Ads and how easy it is for your set daily budget to mean nothing (they'll double it if they feel like it!) Instagram gets engagement and FaceBook is dead as a dodo! Meanwhile Twitter is burning to the ground thanks to Elon!

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