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Designed by zerofox3D Ltd

AcroFlo DJI Avata 2 Protection Bumpers

AcroFlo DJI Avata 2 Protection Bumpers

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This limited launch stock will ship before 25th July! Once sold out another post-launch product will be added to the site that will ship after 15th August (when I return from Holiday!)

Anyone who wants protection for their precious DJI Avata 2 drone knows that adding duct-protectors is a sensible option, however this is nearly always at the cost of flight performance. Many existing designs hurt both flight times and Acro performance through a total lack of aerodynamic consideration.

The new AcroFlo guards by zerofox3D have been meticulously designed in collaboration with Andy Kirby and NJ Tech. They have been developed and tested through numerous prototypes to be as aerodynamically passive and weight optimised as possible, resulting in a truly passive flight experience with just the right amount of protection when things don't go quite to plan. Using exceptionally low tolerance fitment, and clever air-cushion zone, the AcroFlo guards are the perfect 'no compromise' choice for your DJI Avata 2! 

Weighing only 3 grams at each corner they have no effect on flight times while the tapered edges and snug fit of the design allows un-disturbed air flow to the props.

AcroFlo attach to the Avata 2 using the included premium 3M 300LSE double sided adhesive. It's the best adhesive for sticking most things together and is super thin allowing AcroFlo to fit so snuggly. They do not "clip on" and disturb air flow like other bumpers.

AcroFlo are 3D printed in durable 95A TPU. This material has shock absorbing properties however AcroFlo have an internal air pocket that further helps absorb impacts.

Package includes:

  • 4 x AcroFlo bumpers (one for each corner)
  • Premium 3M 300LSE double side adhesive (more than needed!)
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