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Who and what is zerofox3D?

Hi, I'm Chris, a maker/tinkerer/designer from the North West of England.

Up until recently this site was nothing more than a hobby, something that kept me sane through some difficult years. Thanks to a couple of YouTubers and many hundreds of you wonderful people around the world this is now much more than a hobby!

The products I create overlap with other interests and hobbies I have, these are generally nerdy, very specialist things that have had huge amounts of time poured into their creation! Right now you'll only find my launch project "Bender", a 3D printed case for a Meshtastic LoRA radio node. I have more Meshtastic projects planned as well as others for the Home Assistant home automation system, WLED and automotive sector.

All my products are designed in house, you won't find them in large shops because they are niche products made by one person, me!

All my products are made in the UK on my growing print farm. Free delivery is available in the UK on orders over £15 and Tracked Worldwide delivery is available from £8.99 for Europe and £11.99 for the USA. Most countries Worldwide are covered, if you find shipping is not covering your country please contact me.