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Nibbler Andy Kirby Special Edition - Tiny Meshtastic Powered Portable Node case

Nibbler Andy Kirby Special Edition - Tiny Meshtastic Powered Portable Node case

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Just when you thought Nibbler could not be any cooler along comes Mr.Kirby to add a slickness that only the 3rd most popular south of England Radio YouTuber could add!!

Say hello to the Nibbler Andy Kirby Special Edition! Available in both Pocket or Plus variants, this special edition features a semi-transparent body with black front, black back and black Niblet.

Both variants include the optional clip (vertical for Nibbler Plus, Horizontal for Nibbler Pocket) lanyards as well as a the flat back so you can choose how to wear your Nibbler.

Checkout my video about Nibbler and how to assemble one HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Nibbler does not include the HeltecV3 or Battery, as with Bender these have to be purchased separately.

My popular Bender case was designed to be a desk/windowsill node (although it’s still quite pocketable!) Nibbler Plus is designed to be a companion to Bender (this is a Mesh network after all!) with the design goals being maximum portability, practicality, antenna flexibility and all day battery life.

Nibbler Pocket includes an internal PCB antenna for the smallest possible footprint. This antenna is very small and is ideally suited for use in areas with a high density of nodes or if you have a relay node or Bender close by! If you want a Nibbler with a bigger antenna I have that covered with Nibbler Pockets sibling, Nibbler Plus!

The special edition Nibbler Pocket includes a flat back for easy pocket-ability and the optional belt clip. Nibbler Pocket measures just 73x46x26mm. The belt clip lets you pretend it’s the 80’s again and rock it like a pager! The clip is super strong and replaces the normal flat back thats also included.

Nibbler Plus has the same footprint as Nibbler Pocket but features and SMA connector for using the antenna of your choice. The special edition Nibbler Plus includes a flat back for easy pocket-ability and the option clip that allows you to attach it “walkie” style. Nibbler Plus measures just 77x46x26mm.

For extra security Nibbler also has a strong lanyard slot which will accept a loop, a simple black lanyard with quick connector is included as standard with the special edition.

Something this small must have rubbish battery life though right? Nope, Nibbler uses a 2000mah flat LIPO cell that can provide over 20 hours of battery life! Your phone battery will die before Nibbler! Using this battery is only possible due the custom cable we include with each case (we’ve had it manufactured in bulk, no soldering on this one thank god!)

Nibbler has a construction designed to be tough, portable things get dropped after all. The key to this is the “Niblet” on the end of the body which attaches with two included M3 Hex bolts. These bolts screw into captive stainless steel square nuts inside the body and secure the front face and rear battery cover and option clip (Allen key included!). Nibbler will not come apart unless these two hex bolts are removed, accidental disassembly is pretty impossible! I will be publishing a free STEP file so you can design your own Niblets too… N-Type connector anyone?

NEW: For Nibbler Plus I now have available an optional antenna designed and made in the UK by  This is now available in both EU/UK 868MHz and USA 915MHz variants!  These antenna's are hand made and tuned for the specific LoRA frequency.

To summarise the features:

  • Supports the HeltecV3 (not included)
  • Body measuring just 73 or 77x46x26mm
  • Support for a EEMB LP103454 2000mah flat LIPO with PCM chip providing 20hr+ battery life (not included, see links below)
  • Included custom made battery cable allowing use of batteries with JST PH2.0 connector
  • Strong Lanyard loop slot with optional Lanyard available
  • Belt Clip and Flat back included
  • Access to USB-C connector for charging
  • High quality tough PLA+ bioplastic
  • Stainless steel Hex bolts and nuts included plus Allen key!

Just like Bender, Nibbler is clean and simple externally but features a precision design with a complex internal structure that has taken countless prototypes to perfect. I love Bender but I love Nibbler more and am sure you will too!


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What is PLA Bioplastic?

All our models are printed in a Bioplastic material called PLA (Polylactic acid) that is made from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. It's classed as 100% biodegradable but is still quite tough and has a melting point of over 170C. It won't deform unless heated to over 70C, but still best not leave a model in the sun for too long!

Why aren't models smooth?

All 3D prints have a texture due to the nature of how they are created, being printed layer by layer. We print using 0.4mm nozzles which allow great detail with a fine texture.

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