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PTPlace 868MHz/915MHz UK/EU/USA Lora 1/4 Wave LORA Meshtastic Antenna

PTPlace 868MHz/915MHz UK/EU/USA Lora 1/4 Wave LORA Meshtastic Antenna

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These antenna's are handmade by David at PTPlace. They are tuned for either the 868Mhz band or 915MHz band.  Please make sure to use the correct band for your region (868MHz covers the UK and Europe while 915MHz is the USA)

The Antenna has a high quality SMA Male connector and is made with Nitinol wire, a nickel-titanium alloy making it extremely flexible while still able to retain its original shape. The base and tip are designed and 3D printed by David and I also include an extra collar that fits Nibbler to further protect the SMA connector (looks cooler too)

For Bender the antenna works best on the top mounted SMA connector but you can use it on the side mount if you stand Bender on its end!

I have wanted to offer an antenna with my cases since day one but was not prepared to pedal some mass produced rubbish. These antenna's being high quality and handmade in the UK felt like the perfect companion to Bender and Nibbler and allow me to support another "maker" like myself!

What is PLA Bioplastic?

All our models are printed in a Bioplastic material called PLA (Polylactic acid) that is made from renewable, organic sources such as corn starch or sugar cane. It's classed as 100% biodegradable but is still quite tough and has a melting point of over 170C. It won't deform unless heated to over 70C, but still best not leave a model in the sun for too long!

Why aren't models smooth?

All 3D prints have a texture due to the nature of how they are created, being printed layer by layer. We print using 0.4mm nozzles which allow great detail with a fine texture.

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